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Anime Ninja Hack Gold Silver Cheats Unlimited

Anime Ninja Hack Gold Silver Cheats Unlimited

Anime Ninja Hack Gold Silver Cheats Unlimited


Anime Ninja is a global popular web based game of “Naruto“ anime. Playing through the use of pure Japanese animation techniques, using authentic anime plot as well as cartoon characters with 100% reduction presentation skills the way, and through the “more, strange, new” gameplay, and strive to create a user new and magnificent Naruto experiences

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Anime Ninja Hack Gold Silver Cheats Unlimited

In Anime Ninja, battle is one of the most essential point. Because of that, we provide you a different, better, and greater battle system in Anime Ninja such as Original Battle Music, Abilities, Characters and Environments.

Battle System of Anime Ninja are also Unique, your formation will be divided into 3, the Vanguard, the Assaulter and the Support.

– Vanguard are positioned in front to reduce the damage and preventing the enemies from hitting the Team’s Vital Point,

– Assaulter are positioned in the middle, they are focusing on attacking the enemies, and a very important role in the formation.

– The last one is Support, they are very weak at physical defense, but they can give support to the team by reducing enemy damage, defense or even increase the team’s damage and defense, they are also considered as the heart of their teammates.


Ice Games Co. Ltd reveals the open beta date and special event details for the anticipated open beta of the Naruto themed MMO

Ice Games Co. Ltd is today excited to announce that the open beta for highly anticipated Naruto themed MMORPG, Ultimate Naruto will launch September 23rd.

Combining anime-based plotlines, exhilarating combat and a pure Japanese anime style, Ultimate Naruto gives players the chance to slip into the shoes of their favourite characters from the Naruto anime series and form their own path as an ultimate and powerful ninja. The faithful Naruto RPG offers players an engaging gameplay experience, fan favourite storylines, cool social options, and even a chance to raise and nurture a powerful tailed beast.


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