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WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected

WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected

WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected

Hello visitors and fans of! It has been quite a while since we last updated our blog – I can personally guarantee you that the files available on our website are constantly updated and remain completely undetected on live servers. All of our files are checked on the latest public game version on live servers to ensure nothing is detected and everything is free of malicious code. Our developers have over 30 years in game hacking experience in multiple games so needless to say they know their stuff. This is a dumbed-down list of updates that we have added in the most recent update but we always get our developers to keep a comprehensive list of changes and additions in a log file in the zip file available on our dl page.

Here are a number of changes:

  • Primary executable updated to remain undetected on live servers. We have added a number of new anti-detection techniques to fortify our existing methods. We are extremely confident that we are far ahead of the game developers. There is nothing that can differentiate this file.
  • We have completely fixed Chams – we were having issues with this in the last update but it has been re-added now.
  • Speed roll have just been added.
  • Wall-hack has a ton of new features so now you have the option of wireframe, color overlays and many more. Check it out the addition looks amazing!
  • Fog removal – don’t get bothered by fog ever again! Clear up those skies and be able to look all the way across the map.
  • Unlimited Ammo – pretty self-explanatory. You will never run out of ammo and your current clip lasts forever.
  • Fire Rate – We fire at an unprecedented rate that you can change yourself if you want to appear more natural.
  • The hook should now work better for Windows 7/8 x64 systems. There were a few problems with modules when dealing with these operating systems.
  • Reduced lag from the game hack client – now everything runs seamlessly (we’ve tested the hack on over 20 different systems of varying strength and type).
  • No spread works perfectly now (fixed an issue with crashing).

New Feature Addition List:

  • Fixed Chams Hacks
  • Wall Hack
  • Full Brightness
  • Fixed Grenade Color Mod
  • Weapon concealer
  • Wire Frame Viewer
  • Fog remover
  • Weapon Hacks as well as additional Player Hacks
  • Fixed Teleporter
  • Updated Diner Bot/Level Bot
  • Mega Nade
  • Invisibility
  • Insta Spawn
  • AFK be Gone
  • Stamina Enhancer
  • And so much more… Full Update and feature list can be found in the notes of the hack pack download.

How to Download WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected


We have a system of taking anti-bots that before downloading the file will need to complete a short survey. It takes not much.
Press Download Button and complete *all surveys are free!
WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected
WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected

One Thought on “WarRock Hacks Cheat 2013 New Version Undetected

  1. Mich@el on August 4, 2013 at 4:14 pm said:

    Thanks! Now i like to play WarRock with this hack i`m so good 😀

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